The NEW European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEE–F)

A new European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEE-F) has been launched by the European Commission on 1st July 2011 as part of the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR). This special financial facility is dedicated to projects in energy efficiency and renewable energies, particularly in urban settings, achieving at least 20% energy saving or GHG/CO2 emission reduction.

 The initial fund volume will be EUR 265 million :

  • EU contribution (EUR 125 million)
  • European Investment Bank (EUR 75 million)
  • Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA  (EUR 60 million)
  • the designated investment manager: Deutsche Bank (EUR 5 million)

Other financial institutions at Member State level have been invited and could also join the fund later.

Furthermore EUR 20 million of the EU funding will be made available as grants for project development services related to technical and financial preparation of projects.

Those interested in applying for funding should contact Silvia Kreibiehl at the fund managers, Deutsche Bank ( Applicants will have to provide a project proposal complying with the scope and the objective of the Fund, the eligibility and selection criteria and the EU legislation applicable to the specific area of the project (e.g. Buildings directive or Renewable Energy directive). Technical assistance grants may be offered for project development services, including financial advice. Applications for grants will be aligned with the rules under the ELENA facility. 

Please find more information here.