The Lights will Stay on with 50 million heat pumps: Material NOW available


It was a pleasure having you as our guests in our Online Seminar "The lights will stay on with 50 Million Heat pumps”. We hope it was a valuable experience for you too and you appreciated the insights provided by our speakers. We are happy to share the presentations used during the session. 


Opening and background to the joint statement by Thomas Nowak, EHPA. Presentation here

 Examples of good grid management with large shares of Heat Pumps

  • Samuel Pérez, Senior Prospective Research, Hydrogen& Heat Leader, Iberdrola. Presentation here
  • Chantal Degand, Deputy Director of Innovative Solutions and Low Carbon Uses Department, EdF. Presentation here
  • Daniele Agostini, Head of Energy and Climate Policies European Affairs, Enel Group

Reaction by the EU commission by Pierre Loaec, Policy officer, Renewables, DG Energy


Watch recording

Supporting material from EDF