The hidden champion of heat pumps: Industrial Applications

| After publishing our latest publication "Large Heat Pumps in Europe", the heat pump community became acquainted with 16 examples of successful industrial and commercial heat pump applications in Europe. Now, we decided to introduce this solution also to its main beneficiaries - the industry.

More than 10 million heat pump units, from very big to very small ones, have been installed until now in Europe. This great number brings us many benefits, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean air, supply security, local jobs and smart grids.

The great potential of this technology has been already recognised in residential applications, however the LARGE HEAT PUMPS ARE THE HIDDEN CHAMPION. Applying them in the industry lowers energy demand thanks to the use of excess heat. Moreover, they have the potential of providing supply of heating, cooling & hot water to cities, offices, hospitals, factories etc. As a result, not only the environment and people, but most of all the industry is gaining.

To meet the needs of the industry representatives, we have contacted around 40 key associations and presented them the 16 large heat pump best practice examples. They will be also able to get to know our Dry-Ficiency project, that aims at reducing energy consumption in drying processes by 60-80%.

We hope that after discovering the benefits of large scale heat pump solutions, the industry will soon start applying this technology in their industrial processes. We are looking forward to getting in contact with all the associations and to providing them with further information on the industrial and commercial heat pump solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Dry-Ficiency, go to the project’s website ( or view the Dry-F infographic. If you are not yet familiar with our “Large Heat Pumps in Europe” publication, you can view it below.