Swedish heat pump sales increased by 4% in 2013

Despite a bad start of the year, 2013 turned out to be a better year for the heat pump industry in Sweden than 2012.

The overall heat pump sales rose by 4%. The biggest sales increase was recorded by exhaust air heat pumps (+ 9%). Besides, groundsource heat pumps and air/water heat pumps both increased by 2%.*

"It was to be expected that the positive trend of the third quarter would remain stable in the fourth quarter of 2013. Because of this strong finish of the year, the Swedish heat pump market is looking with confidence towards 2014", says Per Jonassonm President of the Swedish Heat Pump Association (SVEP).

The value of the heat pump sales in Sweden in 2013 on consumer's level is calculated to be about 650 million euros, which is an increase by 7% in comparison to 2012.

Source: SVEP (in Swedish)

* Air/air heat pump sales are not part of these statistics. EHPA will however try to get a number (estimate) on the sales of these units as well, since they take up a large part of the Swedish market.