Study on alternatives for high-GWP refrigerants released

| AFCE, the French association for climatisation and air conditioning – with support of UNICLIMA and ADEME – has just published a large study on alternatives to high GWP HFCs. The study was prepared by a consortium lead by D. Clodic.

The French association AFCE (Association Froid Climatisation Environnement), with the help of UNICLIMA and ADEME has published its study on alternatives for high-GWP refrigerants.

Replacement options are analysed by application sector and in many of these replacement refrigerants are known or even established.

With regards to heat pumps, the document states: Heat pumps in residential buildings are either air-to-air reverse air-conditioning systems, and options are identical to those described above, or air-to-water systems, the most common in France; the refrigerant is

essentially R-410A and candidate refrigerants are the same: HFC-32 and HFC/HFO blends based on HFC-32. For heat pumps in industry, depending on the temperature levels, candidate refrigerants for the future are R-1234ze and R-1233zd

You can find the complete study, as well as the annexes and fact sheets in English here