Share your Opinion with Us: What makes an RHC scheme successful?

The FROnT project is conducting a public consultation to further assess the factors which make schemes and policies for Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) successful. The results will be used to establish how future schemes should be designed and implemented.

This survey is for any industry stakeholder involved in or impacted by schemes related to RHC. The consultation will close on 18th May.


The FROnT project aims to promote the Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe and to develop them for RHC deployment while improving the understanding of the costs of RHC in comparison to fossil fuel use. Support schemes and end user decision factors are the major players that are necessary to be analyzed to help establish strategic policy priorities for RES Heating and Cooling. The project involves stakeholders from industry and public authorities from several EU member states such as Spain, Poland and others. There is a consortium which consists of representatives from industry, national energy agencies and partners that provides specific expertise. 

More information about FROnT project can be found here.