Research project: Heat pump completes renovation

| Early 2009, the BINE Project Info "Building Refurbishment – Office and Commercial Construction" presented a printing house in Karlsruhe, Germany which had been extended and thereby fundamentally refurbished in two steps. Now a complete evaluation report is available. The optimization of the building envelope and building services during the first restructuring phase improved the usability and building comfort considerably. After an intensive monitoring researchers of the Fraunhofer ISE balanced a primary energy saving of around 36 percent. Early 2010, the system was upgraded by a reversible ground source heat pump, which had not been installed in the first phase for cost reasons. Compared to the initial state, the primary energy demand of the enlarged building now has more than halved.

After the first phase of renovation the still existing gas boiler provided space heating and hot tap water. The already installed field of vertical borehole heat exchangers was used for direct space cooling in summertime. Early 2010 the fossile boiler was replaced by a ground source heat pump. During the heating period the new geothermal heat pump is supported by three air-to-water heat pumps which are using waste heat from the printing plant as the heat source.

Finally, the primary energy consumption for heating, cooling, ventilation and lightening was decreased by 58 percent, from 322 to 134 kWh/m2a.

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Source: BINE Informationsdienst