Report: Zero Carbon Britain possible in 2030 with heat pumps and natural refrigerants

| A report by the UK's Centre for Alternative Technology offers a roadmap for addressing carbon emissions in the UK. It proposes a 90% reduction by 2030, which will be possible thanks to applying heat pumps at a large scale and reducing f-gas emissions among other measures.

The 400-page "Zero Carbon Britain 2030" report issued last week argues that not only does the UK have a responsibility to take leadership in the international process of decarbonisation, but that it is also possible to go beyond the national commitment to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990. According to the ‘zerocarbonbritain2030’ scenario, the UK can be zero carbon by 2030 through achieving a 90% emission reduction by 2030, together with ‘carbon capture’ equivalent to the remaining 10%.

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