Projects promoting heat pump excellence workshop - Material NOW available


Find below the material used during the "Projects Promoting Heat Pump Excellence" workshop

Thank to all the speakers for the interesting presentation and exchange, and to all the participants for attending. 

  •  Welcome speech, panel presentation and presentation of HPCY by Serena Scotton (EHPA), available here.
  • "Turnova", project developed in the city of Turnhout (BE) presented by Kurt Corvers (Boyden Engineering), available here.
  •  “Heat pumps in the city of Vienna" (Austria), presented by Caroline Stainer (city of Vienna), available here.
  • “Town Hall Veere”, project developed in the city of Veere (NL), presented by Menno van der Hoff (TripleAqua) , available here.
  • “BEST7 in EU-GUGLE”, project developed in the city of Tampere (FI), presented by Karoliina Auvinen (Finnish Environment Institute), available here.

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