Process heat in metalworking

| The use of heat pumps feed by process heat resulting from coolant in metal casting.


Fertigungstechnik NORD, Gadebusch Nord Drivesystems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom gear units, motors and frequency converters/inverters. Process heat is continuously available from the machinery used for metal-working. It is derived mainly from the coolant, which is heated up in the course of machining processes such as turning, drilling and milling. This is why almost all the machines have heat exchangers that cool the mixture of water and oil to 23 °C in a single cycle.

The heat extracted is compressed to a flow temperature of 55 °C by two large Vitocal 350-G Pro heat pumps, each with 300 kW heating output. In addition, heat is drawn from the ambient air, which enables an energy saving heating supply at outside temperatures of down to –2 °C. This economical and efficient form of heat generation covers 90 % of the annual heating energy. On especially cold winter days, the peak load is generated by two Vitoplex 200 low temperature boilers, type SX2, with rated heating outputs of 440 kW and 350 kW.


EHPA invites everyone to submerge themselves in the possibilities that heat pumps are capable to offer in several industrial sectors. To read more stories the updated booklet is currently available on EHPA’s website.