Press Release: The next step in aligning EU energy legislation with the Paris agreement: good framework, good instruments… time for the right focus… on heating and cooling!

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Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of EHPA, commented on yesterday's agreements on the Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Union Governance Regulation: “I personally applaud the negotiators for the work done over the past weeks and months. They have set the frame for decarbonising Europe. The agreements reached on energy files in the last hours have set the foundation for a new EU energy framework (32,5% EE/ 32% RES in 2030) to be reviewed in 2023. Most important is the agreement to reaching net-zero emissions as soon as possible, hopefully even before 2050. This makes the deployment of renewable and efficient thermal technologies essential. The industry is ready to face the challenge of faster growth in the coming years.” 

“Also, the new set of policy instruments (renovation strategies in EPBD, renewable heating and cooling obligation scheme, accurate PEF for electricity, national decarbonisation plans) – will be helpful to accelerate the energy transition. “

“In the context of next steps, we need to prioritise action with the highest impact. Decarbonising the EU is not possible without decarbonising the heating and cooling sector, that is covering half of Europe’s energy needs. Thus, it is timely to focus on the heating and cooling sector, to achieve both more renewables and energy efficiency. We, therefore, urge EU and national policy makers to be more vocal on heating and cooling in their upcoming policy work. Heating and cooling must become EU’s new top policy priority!”.


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