Press release: Plan(t) now for the future

| We reached the most progressive cities in Europe to inform them about the benefits of heat pumps

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Cities and towns all over Europe are going through great changes nowadays. Motivated by high international environmental goals and growing expectations of their inhabitants, the local governments are looking for solutions that will make life in cities better, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the progress is slow as potential of some technologies, like heat pumps (HPs), is not exploited fully.

The climate gains of heat pumps applications are clearly detectable. CO2 emissions are much smaller than with other comparable technologies and no local particulate matter is emitted. Moreover, heat pump benefits can be unleashed not only in new and renovated buildings but also in social housing, in historical/heritage buildings and in commercial buildings.

The assets of heat pump technology exceed saving energy, using renewables and reducing CO2. Heat pump manufacturers are established in Europe, they provide employment to local employees and installers. Local economies profit from the deployment of the technology in various ways, from job growth to investments in new projects, buildings, tourism etc.

Until now 10 million HPs all over Europe contributed in:

ü333 GW storage capacity

ü164 TWh heat produced

ü106 TWh renewable energy

ü59,3 TWh electricity used

ü27,1 Mt CO2 saved

ü135 TWh energy saved

Hence, to meet up the expectations of urban residents and provide access to full information to the most important stakeholders, EHPA decided to contact European mayors and help them plan(t) the future of their cities now. 

As a part of our “Plan(t) now for the future” Campaign, we have reached out to 55 local governments all over Europe. As an easy reminder, we have color coded the 6 benefits of heat pumps in a postcard and sent them as well a box with 6 tulip bulbs indicating them. By sending back to us their Flower Postcards, mayors can now request from EHPA a profiled info-package, meeting with heat pump experts or share their success stories of applied heat pump technology and win the “Heat Pump City of the Year” Award.

Planning well in advance can make a difference and is not different from planting tulip bulbs.

Next year European cities will not only flourish with flowers but also with heat pumps!

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