Press Release: #HPForum2019 – European Heat Pump Markets show double-digit growth for the 4th year in a row

| Industry ready to score even higher for EU’s future


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One week ahead of the European elections, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) gathered more than 200 industry experts to discuss latest developments in the market and to assess how heat pumps could pursue their contribution to a future and brighter Europe. With 11.8 million units installed across Europe, heat pump technology has quickly developed into a corner stone of the European heating mix. Slightly below 10% of all buildings are today heated by a heat pump.


With their thermal and demand side flexibility potential, heat pumps will be required in the new energy system to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and offer an enthusiastic re-industrialisation project for the EU. But this means that “heating and cooling” must first become the top priority of next European Parliament and Commission.


Heat pumps provide many benefits in line with the energy and climate targets of the EU”, said Thomas Nowak, Secretary general of EHPA. “Maybe the biggest advantage is their availability. Available heat pump technology can be deployed in residential, commercial buildings as well as in industrial processes. Recent technological developments allow their deployment in the renovation of residential buildings and in industrial processes. The latter units can efficiently provide up to 160°C ”.


Indeed, EHPA has always strongly advocated for ambitious and effective measures aiming at the full decarbonisation of our economies by 2050 and the promotion of a renewable, efficient and smart European energy system. The heat pump industry has also made continuous efforts to improve the quality and sustainability of their products.



This year’s #HPForum2019reflected the heat pump industry’s pioneering role by giving space to “unconventional” aspects of the energy debate, such as the collaboration with youth and students and the right interplay between further “electrification” vs “gasification”. The event also planned to present innovative experiences involving heat pumps at national, regional and local level, or with added value for other parts of the European industry and the digital economy.


Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of EHPA, added: “We are cooperating with many industries and sectors to co-create a better future for Europe. We are also ready to support the work of the new political leaders arising from this month’s European elections. Our main political wish is to see “heating and cooling” (representing 50% of total EU energy consumption) finally recognised as a top priority of the EU, not only to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 but also to help re-industrialise Europe in the most sustainable way.


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EHPA promotes awareness and deployment of heat pump technology in Europe. All activities aim at creating a market environment that facilitates a faster deployment of heat pump technology to unleash its benefits on a European level: efficient heating and cooling using renewable energy. EHPA also coordinates the Heat Pump Keymark – a European certification scheme for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heater.

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