Press release: Heat Pumps are NOW ready to surf the Renovation Wave

| An online event in which the heat pump industry joined forces with the policymakers as equal partners in reaching their common Renovation Wave objectives


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On November 18th, the Heat Pumps are Ready to Surf the Renovation Wave event, organized by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) took place online. The aim of the event was to discuss from a holistic approach the role of heat pumps in the ambitious implementation of the Renovation Wave, published last October by the European Commission. The mentioned communication gives specific attention to decarbonising heating and cooling and is the starting point to unlock the renovation of 35 million inefficient buildings by 2030.

The European Commission had previously presented an optimistic outlook for the electrification of the building sector in the EU Energy System Integration Strategy by claiming that about 40% of the residential buildings are foreseen to be heated by electricity by 2030. In order to reach this goal, 48 million families have to decide to invest in, at least, one heat-pump based heating system and the industry must deliver, install and maintain 48 million heat pumps before 2030.

The conference gathered more than 170 attendees during its 4-hour-long run and had as speakers more than 20 representative figures from the energy industry and European policymaking. Each one of its 5 sessions was oriented to explore the necessary aspects to reach the participants’ common Renovation Wave objectives: from addressing the needs in high-level policy and discussing the implementation plan of large deployment of heat pumps, to examining new business models and discussing supply security for Europe’s electric grid.

The event also welcomed Katie Patrick, Environmental engineer, Software designer and Author of How to Save the World: How to Make Changing The World The Greatest Game We've Ever Played, who provided a new inspiring perspective by demonstrating how the combination of behavioural psychology, data science and game design can drive social change for a positive environment impact.

"The EU must switch to low-carbon heating sources like heat pumps to meet the Renovation Wave targets", said Meredith Annex, Head of Heating and Cooling at BloombergNEF in the opening session of the event while presenting BloombergsNEF’s New Energy Outlook (NEO).

In the context of the event Michael Bloss, MEP of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, said: "Here is the simple math: with over 80% of the current energy used for the energy consumption of buildings being produced from fossil fuels, we cannot become climate neutral. Energy efficiency and renewable energies are the key elements for reaching our climate goals. Therefore, we need to use the great potential heat pumps offer for residential and industrial building stocks instead of building new billion Euro graves by spending money on fossil fuels."  

“Our economies and societies must embrace innovation if we are to uncover the real potential of a green, digital and cost-efficient energy transition that allows us to meet our Climate targets in an economically sustainable way. Improving energy efficiency in the existing buildings stock, and ensuring the efficiency of new buildings will be an important tool in creating a more resilient society”, commented Sean Kelly, MEP of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) regarding the topic explored in the event.

Pernille Weiss, MEP of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), mentioned: “If we trigger a real renovation wave, it will lead to a multitude of other benefits: Investing €1 million in this sector creates up to 19 new jobs, largely in SMEs; no other initiative in the green sector has this effect on employment. This argument alone should be at the fore of our discussions on the potential of the COVID-19 recovery”.

Thomas Nowak, Secretary General at EHPA, added: “Heat pump innovation enlarges the application envelope. Applications not feasible for this technology are now state of the art. Imagine another 10 years of ambitious development!”.



Read the European Heat Pump Association position on the recently published Renovation Wave here.

Lastly, the European Heat Pump Association has compiled a booklet of best practice examples of heat pumps working in the renovation sector. The examples illustrate how heat pumps are successfully functioning while bringing economic, environmental and social benefits to European citizens. Find the booklet here.


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