PRESS RELEASE: Heat Pump KEYMARK, a success story

This year, Heat Pump KEYMARK is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its very first launch. Over the years, the scheme has grown and evolved, achieving significant results by supporting the heat pump industry.

Within less than five years, the numbers have risen considerably, with certification bodies increasing from 4 to 10 and recognised testing centres going from 5 to 23. Up to last year, about 877 Heat Pump KEYMARK certificates were awarded, corresponding to over 3650 certified models for more than 45 brands.

This is the success that was achieved over five years and we intend to keep improving. For Francesca Corazza, Heat Pump KEYMARK Manager, The successful development of the scheme is the result of a unique cooperation between accredited certification bodies, test institutes and technical experts from leading heat pump manufacturers in Europe. The solid organisational structure has served as a warranty for the quality and credibility of the scheme.

Heat Pump KEYMARK’s objective for the future is to continue building a strong and well-established European certification. One of the main goals is to achieve recognition in all European member states. When Heat Pump KEYMARK was created in 2016 to become a single certificate for a single European market, it was only fully recognised in France. Over the years, the situation has improved significantly so that currently the certification can be used to demonstrate conformity with the ERP requirements in the majority of the European member states. In this effort, we plan on obtaining recognition under new national subsidy programs, focusing also on Eastern European countries. For Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the EHPA, Heat Pump KEYMARK is a success story regarding the certification of products useful for the promotion of quality in the marketplace. With the improvements added to the product database of the CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK, we will get a better picture of efficiency and quality improvements heat pump technology is undergoing. He also adds, Nearly all European Heat Pump manufacturers are now using the CEN heat pump KEYMARK. I can only encourage the remaining ones to join the scheme, as a single certificate for all testing requirements will be best to push quality in the single EU market.

Within the span of five years, Heat Pump KEYMARK has become one of the most reliable certification schemes through supporting market development and increasing consumer confidence. As Johannes Brugmann, Chairman of HP KEYMARK’S Scheme Group states: The high certification standard of HP Keymark and the related recognition in many European countries increase the confidence of users, installers and policy makers in heat pumps and the positive contribution they make to reduce CO2 emissions. Our vision is to keep working towards these goals by increasing sales opportunities and improving certified product quality while also contributing to a greener future.

Together with all the members of the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme, we are happy to celebrate five years of constant development, increased performance and ongoing achievements. We look forward to the future and seeing our scheme developing even further.


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Note to the editor

The Heat Pump KEYMARK certificate is a guarantee of product quality providing one-stop access to the European market. Based on independent, third-party testing, the mark demonstrates a commitment to safe, reliable and efficient products through full compliance with European Regulations. Heat Pump KEYMARK is owned and operated by CEN/CENELEC. The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) acts as the secretariat for the scheme.


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