Press Release: EGEC joins the Decarb Heat Initiative

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Today, EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council, representing the geothermal industry, has joined the Decarb Heat Initiative that aims to fully decarbonise the heating and cooling sector in Europe by 2050. The association that gathers more than 120 members from 28 countries, joins forces with Bioenergy Europe, COGEN Europe, EHPA, EPEE and Euroheat & Power and in their efforts to create a policy and market framework supporting an energy efficient and renewable thermal energy system in Europe and to make heating and cooling one of EU’s top policy priorities.

EGEC Secretary General Philippe Dumas stated: “The heating and cooling sector must be fully decarbonised if we are to ever reach our decarbonisation objectives, and to do so all solutions must play their part in order to switch from a fossil-based system to a renewable-based one. Geothermal energy has a contribution to make to this decarbonisation, with tested solutions for cogeneration, district heating, buildings, the industry or agricultural processes. We now need to see renewable heating and cooling solutions for the opportunities they represent in terms of jobs, energy security, local economic development and reducing energy poverty, and Decarb Heat is part of the answer for this.”

Decarb Heat partners welcome EGEC to the initiative and look forward to a successful collaboration to further develop a key sector for EU’s industrial growth.

About Decarb Heat

The heating & cooling sector comprises 51% of final energy consumption and contributes about 27% of EU carbon emissions. Decarbonising this sector will be essential in the EU transition towards a carbon emission-free society by mid of this century. Yet, the EU is far from being on track.

We believe that we have all the technologies at hand to aim at zero carbon emission by 2050, if not before then.

It is, therefore, time that all stakeholders join forces behind one clear vision: a 100% carbon emission-free, efficient European heating & cooling sector by 2050. This objective requires a market framework that encourages the massive deployment of ‘’2050 compatible’’ technologies, offering low/no emission solutions for heating, cooling and hot water production. Those technologies are already available on the market. So what’s missing to turn Decarb Heat vision into reality?

We need a joint action linking the potential of industry, as expressed in the industry commitment, a policy framework and market conditions and broad support by other energy-stakeholders to the vision. Therefore, the Decarb Heat initiative brings together for the first time the major players of the heating and cooling industry and other major stakeholders. Together they can make the vision of a 100% decarbonised European heating and cooling system reality.

Decarb Heat consists of three elements:

About EGEC

EGEC is a non-profit international organisation founded in 1998 to promote the European geothermal industry and enable its development both in Europe and worldwide, by shaping policy, improving business condition, and driving more research and development. More than 120 members from 28 countries, including developers, equipment manufacturers, electricity providers, national associations, consultants, research centres, geological surveys, and public authorities, make EGEC a unique network, uniting and representing the entire geothermal sector.

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