Nothing as tasty as EHPA ice cream - but no good ice cream without cooling and refrigeration

| Thank you #EUSEW19 for having us!


EHPA has been pushing for the recognition of heat pumps in heating for years now, but with cooling becoming more and more important, we wanted to make a stance and show that heat pump technologies provide heating and cooling in parallel and is also used for refrigeration. 

What better way to show this, than to revert to ice cream. Thus in 2014, EHPA organized an ice-cream tasting during the Brussels flagship event on energy - the European Sustainable Energy Week. This year, the ice cream tasting was offered to the participants for the 4th year in a row. Participants of the week had the opportunity to taste a refreshing ice-cream, while learning about the benefits of using heat pumps!



These benefits were colour-coded in each ice cream flavor (see postcard) and participants are invited to order their personal ice cream by referring to the different advantages.

  • Renewable Energy - heat pumps use renewable energy from air water and ground
  • Energy Efficiency - heat pumps increase energy efficiency
  • GHG Reductions - heat pumps reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG)
  • Supply Security - heat pumps reduce import dependence and thus increase the security of energy supply at an affordable price
  • Local jobs - heat pumps create and maintain jobs local, European jobs in research, design and installation of heating systems
  • Smart Grids - heat pumps can serve as thermal batteries, supporting stable smart electric grids


The good weather helped a lot to attract a large crowd to our ice cream booth. While queuing for icy refreshments, participants informed themselves about the benefit of heat pumps and our team used the opportunity to discuss with them the development status and application areas. 


This activity is already a "classic" of the European Sustainable Energy Week, having received very positive feedback from the organisers and participants and we have no plans of stopping it. 

We are also considering it for next year’s refrigeration day to tell the world: heat pumps – the key integrator technology for the worlds decarbonized heating and cooling supply. 



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