NH3 heat pump solution for Swiss meat processing facility

| A state-of-the-art meat processing and logistic centre has been unveiled in Switzerland. With ammonia heat pumps and refrigeration systems installed by SSP Kälteplaner it is the most environmental-friendly meat factory in this area and will save up to 530 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Landquart in Switzerland is very energy intensive as both, heat and refrigeration, is needed. SSP Kälteplaner and partner companies have therefore planned an integrated heat and refrigeration system using ammonia heat pumps for the cold and heat, and CO2 refrigeration systems for the deep freeze storage. The facility comprises a total area of 4,600m2 that has to be cooled reliably and efficiently with a temperature range varying from -25 to +12°C. Responsible for the conceptual work for the cold production and distribution, SSP Kaelteplaner planned and realised a pump system that uses ammonia as the refrigerant and groundwater from the Rhine.

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Source: ammonia21.com