New study on smart metering reveals: households can save up to 9,5% electricity p.a.

| First results from a study on smart meters and a more transparent way on invoicing electricity show a savings potential of 3,7 %. In case variable tariffs are offered, the savings potential is even higher - 9,5 %.

The study was supported by the German ministry for education and research (BMBF) via the project "Intelliekon". Partners were  Fraunhofer-Institute for solar energy systems (Fraunhofer-ISE) and the Fraunhofer-Institute for system- and innovation research (Fraunhofer-ISI).

Focus of the project was an elaboration on sustainable energy use in households via smart meters, communication tools and tarifs.

The full version of the study is available for download (German).

A parallel study by the  Institute for socio-ecologic research (ISOE) asked participants on the impact of feedback information on their electricity usage behavior. Most respondants wer willing to save electricity, however there is no automatic link between feedback and savings. A full report is available here (PDF).