Modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive

The European Commission is seeking to modernise the Professional Qualifications Directive (Directive 2005/36/EC) including “Air conditioning technician/Heating/Central heating technician/installer/repairer/Maintenance-Installation of ventilation equipment”.

The Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier said:

 "Updating the Professional Qualifications Directive is one of the priorities of the Single Market Act and will help make the European economy more competitive while encouraging growth and job creation. We need to make it easier for professionals to go to where job vacancies exist. We will consider a number of important issues during this process including the creation of a professional card for interested professions and improving the training requirements for certain professions."


Foreseen content:

  • The introduction of a professional card closely linked to the Internal Market Information System (IMI) could make it considerably easier for professionals to have their qualifications recognised in another Member State.
  • New common platformscould be established to facilitate the mobility of professionals. They could be used also to reduce differences in training requirements.
  • The minimum training requirements of certain professions (e.g. some health professions and architects) could be reformed as well.



20 September 2011- deadline for stakeholders to respond to the consultation

7 November 2011- high level conference organized by the EC

December 2011- legislative proposal



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