Large Heat Pumps in Europe: University of Burgundy

| The French university recovers the waste heat of its data centre

The University of Burgundy is located in Dijon, between Paris and Lyon, and enrols 27 000 students every year. To heat the buildings on the 115-hectare campus the university opted for a highly ecological solution by reusing the otherwise dumped energy of the new data centre cooling system.

As the heating and cooling load is used at the same time, a high-temperature heat pump supplied by Ochsner fulfils both functions (heating and cooling) simultaneously: Cooling of the datacentre, heating of the buildings in winter and in summer the heat is used to produce hot water for the kitchens of the university restaurant among others. 

With a heating capacity of 420 kW and a cooling capacity of 255 kW the heat pump contributes to save 117 tons of CO2 each year. With a flow temperature of 90°C and by using the cooling and the heating function simultaneously, a COP integrated (total) of 4,2 is obtained.


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