Large heat pumps in Europe - Second edition is out!

| A brochure about large heat pump applications

EHPA is proud to present its second edition of a  publication on large heat pump applications in Europe. The publication includes application examples of 12 projects that show how heat pumps can be efficient and effective in large projects. 



Read and download the publication here


Mostly unnoticed by public and industry, the heat pump technology has not only matured towards an ecologically and economically alternative to traditional residential heating technologies. It has also much developed in terms of available power-output, served temperature levels and flexibility of use for very different applications. Applications from hundreds kW to even multiple MW in power output and heating temperatures approaching or even exceeding boiling temperature of water and being able to serve multiple sources and users simultaneously, are today not only available but state-of-theart, proven technology.


The "Large heat pumps in Europe vol.2" aims at showcasing best practice examples in sectors such as food processing, starch drying, confection plants, machinery production etc. Please see below the list of application examples listed on the publication: 

  • An intelligent hybrid system saves energy and improves production
  • Sustainable circular energy as a core value in chocolate bar processing
  • Heat from waste heat in machinery production
  • Internal integration of combined heating & cooling in Colruyt meat processing plant
  • Environment-friendly district heating network in Milan
  • Process heat in metalworking
  • Reusing waste heat has paid off: Ongoing energy savings and a substantially smaller carbon footprint
  • Heat pumps boost the energy efficiency of a Swiss Krono chipboard factory
  • District heating plugged into precious industrial waste heat source
  • Energy from Sewage
  • Use of Waste Heat for Starch Drying at Agrana
  • Heat pumps for brick drying at Wienerberger

This brochure is an initiative of the Industrial and Commercial Heat Pump Working Group (ICHP).  ICHP works to increase recognition for this area of application and its contribution potential to the EU’s climate and energy targets. The group is open to all manufacturers of components and equipment of this heat pump category as well as to research bodies and other organisations interested in developing the segment. 

The group is chaired by Mr. Eric Delforge, Mayekawa.