Large Heat Pumps in Europe: Energy from concrete walls

| The outer-walls of a fabrication plant are used as a source for a heat pump

The Laumer Bautechnik, located in Bavaria, Germany, was looking for an innovative and cost-efficient heating solution for its pre-fabricated concrete sections fabrication building.

By having the University of Munich and the German Ministry of Environment as partners, they developed a heating solution using pre-fabricated concrete elements as energy collectors in combination with a ground heat storage and a heat pump. In this solution, the outer-walls of the fabrication hall, painted black for increased heat absorption and with cast-in piping for energy transportation, serve as heat collectors, while at the same time forming a weather protection. The structural integrity is provided by the inner walls separated from the outer ones by an insulation layer. According to the planning office Kaufmann in Mülheim/Inn, the collector has a surface of 14 000 m2 and the ground storage a volume of 5 000 m3. The collected heat is transported into a underground heat storage where it is collected for the winter heating period. At the core of the system is a large water-water heat pump from Viessmann, using ground heat storage and alternatively a ground source as the heat source, and providing an industrial size panel heating system with the required heating temperature of 37°C, also covering peak demands.

The heat pump has a heating power of 198 kW with a COP of 4,8, and the system is in operation since 2014.

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