Large Heat Pump booklet: 4 new stories strengthen the argument that heat pumps are fit for purpose for the industry

| 4 new stories to discover the versatility of heat pumps in several industrial sectors

We are proud to announce that our large heat pump booklet was updated with 4 four new stories from Oilon, Kronoterm and Manenergy.


EHPA released on December 4th an updated version of their Large Scale Heat pumps in Europe. Vol.2. Booklet. In its initial version published in May 2019, the booklet aimed to present the diverse applications of heat pumps in several industrial sectors. Following the same goal, the re-edition includes four brand new stories of success and energy efficiency to reaffirm heat pump’s versatility.


These four new stories present different heat pump applications that might surprise the reader. They range from improving the efficiency of a gas boiler in Copenhagen airport to reducing GHG emissions in an agricultural context and even to coupling the heating, cooling and power sectors to achieve both economic and environmental needs.


The new stories namely are:

1. Industrial heat pump improves the efficiency of a gas boiler at Copenhagen Airport

2. Snellman is a pioneer user of industrial heat pumps

3. The “Lusty Heat Pump” – Implementation of heat pump technology in agriculture process to minimize heating costs and GHG emissions by utilizing geothermal energy

4. Connecting heat, cold and electricity with MAN ETES


EHPA invites everyone to submerge themselves in the possibilities that heat pumps are capable to offer in several industrial sectors. The updated booklet is currently available on EHPA’s website.