Jussi Hirvonen, EHPA board member, has been selected to receive the Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award

We are deligthted to announce that one of board members, Jussi Hirvonen, has been awarded with the Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award.

The Ritter von Rittinger Award recognizes deserving individuals or teams that have distinguished themselves in the advancement of heat pumping technology applications, market development, as well as dissemination activities with lasting international impact. This award is named for Peter Ritter von Rittinger, an Austrian engineer credited with the design and installation of the first practical heat pump system at a salt works in Upper Austria in 1856. 

The 2021 awards will be given at the closing ceremony of the 13th International Heat Pump Conference in South Korea on Jeju Island, on April 29th starting at 09:00 h CEST.