Join us @SustainablePlaces - 06 June 2019


As part of our project communication plan, EHPA along with its partners, will attend the Sustainable Places event in Cagliari Italy (5-7 of June 2019). We are also co-organising the “Solar and thermal energy: Europe's precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings” workshop, featuring the SUNHORIZONHYCOOLSHIP2FAIRTHERMOSS and HYBUILD projects on the 6th of June 2019 from 14:00 to 15:30).


These five H2020 projects are implementing the most social acceptance renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps for both the residential and the industrial sectors, by reducing the energy consumption and increasing the thermal comfort and high performances in industrial processes.


If you are interested in their innovative applications, come and get inspired by what these projects are doing:

The SunHorizon project aims at unlocking the potential for a cost-effective solution based on innovative heat pumps and solar technologies. 

Thermoss aims to contribute to wider deployment of advanced building heating and cooling technologies and facilitate their connection with district heating.

The main goal and innovative aspect of SHIP2FAIR is to foster the integration of solar heat in industrial processes from the agro–food sector. 

HyCool’s mission is increasing the use of solar heat in industry processes, by coupling of a new Fresnel CSP Solar thermal collectors (FCSP) with specially build Hybrid Heat Pumps.

HYBUILD combines a compact sorption storage, a high-density latent storage, and an efficient electric storage in residential buildings. 


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In order to attend the workshop you will need to obtain a ticket to the Sustainable Places conference.


 You can find more information here. Or by contacting Serena Scotton (