Internal integration of combined heating & cooling in Colruyt meat processing plant

Colruyt Group is a leading Belgian retail group that bares great emphasis on sustainability. It’s large tech department has a reputation for developing and pioneering company specific applications, and for being an early adopter in committing to sustainable energy initiatives. The efficiency of the cold chain is essential for the quality and safety of fresh food. Sourcing, processing, storage and distribution activities of fresh products are strongly integrated across Colruyt Group. In this way they have been able to perform a holistic approach towards integrated thermal energy consumption and production. It’s an endeavor towards full integration of heating, cooling and storage concepts committed to the use of natural refrigerants and powered by the best possible primary energy source.

Their central meat processing plant Fine Food Meat is the largest of its kind. On the site they have a wind turbine supplying the power needs. Meat processing activities require hot water for production and cleaning. A large heat pump unit was designed to take full advantage of the heat load from the existing industrial refrigeration machine room capacity of several mega-watts. The 1 MW Mayekawa ammonia heat pump unit consists of 3 Mycom piston compressors combined with highly efficient heat exchangers producing hot water with temperatures up to 78°C achieving high COP’s.


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