Industrial heat pump improves the efficiency of a gas boiler at Copenhagen Airport

| Heat pump utilises the heat in flue gas

In the western Maglebylille part of Copenhagen Airport (more neatly known as CPH) there is an internal heating network. At the beginning of 2018 a decision was made to replace the old and low efficiency gas boilers that dated from the 1960s. Now the system consists of one three megawatt (3 MW) and one 2 MW natural gas boilers together with one 600-kilowatt (kW) industrial heat pump.

With a heat pump it is possible to condense the flue gas and thus recover much more heat while the heat pump operates at excellent efficiency. “The Oilon heat pump can produce a very high temperature that is easily high enough for the water supply in district heating. Thanks to its four compressors and inverter control the heat pump can be controlled very well at high efficiency with partial loads and its environment friendly HFO refrigerant is also approved in Denmark. Under the design conditions of this project, the electricity consumption of the pump is 155 kW and COP 4.0,” says Klaus Borge.

The savings with the heat pump is estimated to be about 1,000 MWh per year. The heat pump however produces four times more heat compared to its electricity consumption so it costs only half the price to heat with the heat pump compared to gas. Denmark has some gas fields in the North Sea but the present government wants to close them. On the other hand more and more biogas is being produced in Denmark.

“We are investing heavily in saving energy and heat pumps have an important role in this. A heat pump will pay itself back in four years so it is also a very profitable investment.”

EHPA invites everyone to submerge themselves in the possibilities that heat pumps are capable to offer in several industrial sectors. To read more stories the updated booklet is currently available on EHPA’s website.