"High efficiency heat pump systems" get live!

| EUSEW Conference

On Thursday 14th April, from 14:30 to 17:30, don't miss EHPA's conference live: "High efficiency heat pump systems – from best practice to mainstream" on the EUSEW website

The event will give an overview of EU energy policy and analyse how heat pumps can contribute to the European GHG savings, renewables and energy efficiency targets. The event will mainly focus on influencing factors of highly efficient heat pumps addressing the whole heat pump system.

Speakers representing the main stakeholders in the heat pump industry will share best practices and experiences on heat pump projects, in particular from IEE-SEPEMO and EHPA activities. Presentations will include a focus on energy efficiency measurement in test centres and in field measurements and will try to identify lessons learned for daily manufacturing! Examples from existing projects from a variety of climate zones and fields of application will be given.

The event will conclude with a panel discussion to enable open debate:

  • How to improve the efficiency of both heat pump units and systems, in particular focusing on the integration of the heat pump based heating system into the building envelope?
  • What are the future actions needed for improving knowledge, raising awareness and increasing recognition on the contribution of heat pumps to the EU 2020 targets - and beyond?
  • What are the next steps of the energy efficiency and renewable action plans necessary to ensure a larger deployment of heat pumps and increase their contribution to the EU energy strategy?

EHPA will then inaugurate a new award: "The heat pump city of the year". The trophy will be given to that very city that has shown the biggest effort in integrating heat pumps into its energy infrastructure. The winner will be presented at the end of this conference. After the award, EHPA invites you to a cocktail. 

Detailed agenda