HFC taxes and Fiscal incentives on natural refrigerants in Europe

| Shecco's new guide on natural refrigerants was just released

An increasing number of countries in Europe are adopting environmental taxes on HFCs or other fiscal incentives that could encourage the adoption of natural refrigerants.

Shecco’s new publication GUIDE+: HFC taxes & fiscal incentives for natural refrigerants in Europe" provides a comprehensive overview of existing and proposed fiscal measures in key European countries, aimed at reducing the use and emissions of HFCs in HVAC&R sectors while encouraging the switch to climate-friendly technologies. The measures reviewed in this publication vary from environmental taxes on HFCs, in line with the polluter pays principle, to grants and enhanced tax relief schemes for investments in climate friendly technologies at the national as well as the regional level.

This can be particularly interesting in the framework of the reviewed F-gas regulation in which the amount of HFCs placed on the EU market will have to be reduced by 79% by 2030. Hence, a switch to lower-GWP alternatives and natural refrigerants seems to be an obvious way to comply with the regulation.

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