Heat Pumps Work! Revolve's special edition is now available!

| 36-pages on everything you need to know about heat pumps!

A comprehensive guide about the most useful information on heat pump technology is now available!

Find out about:

  • The views of Paula Abreu Marques (Head of Init for Renewables and CCS policy, DG Energy) on heat pumps
  • How heat pumps work
  • Heat pump applications
  • The "Future heat pump city"
  • Heat pumps and Smart Grids
  • Heat pumps and Energy Efficiency
  • The European Heat Pump Market in 2012
  • Why we need F-Gases
  • Thermally-driven heat pumps 

Do not miss the chance to read the most updated information about heat pumps! A special thanks goes to Revolve for editing and publishing this report. 

You can download the report here.