Heat pumps likely to be the main heating source for the Irish new homes

| An analysis, by Passive House Plus, has estimated that in 2017 heat pumps were probably the main heating source deployed in new Irish homes.


Irish Heating System Market Share by Passive House Plus


The analysis, made by Passive House Plus on 2017 and 2018 BERs data (the rating system used to measure the energy efficiency of Irish buildings), discovered that over the 5,080 homes built in 2017 with published final BERs, the 36.6% have a heat pump as heating system, with gas boilers at 52.6%, oil boilers at 4.1%, CHP at 5.8% and LPG at 0.8%.


However, the figures change significantly if you also count the circa 3,000 one-off homes which failed to comply with the requirement to obtain BERs prior to occupancy. The analysis assumed that those houses were built including heat pumps with the same percentage of the 588 one-off homes accounted in the public statistic (which are using a heat pump in the 70% of the cases). With this new model, heat pumps would become the most common heating system  in Irish new houses reaching 44.7% of market shares, gas boilers will follow at 42.8%, with oil boilers at 7.8%, and CHP at 4.4%.


The EHPA European Heat Pump Market and Statistic Report 2018 also recorded a homogeneous growth of the Irish heat pump market in 2017, largely dominated by air/water sourced heat pumps, with small market shares dedicated to ground source and air/air source heat pumps.


The same study by Passive House Plus underlined that solar thermal is lowering his market share as source of heating both in new blocks and in new one-off houses. While solar PV arrays, generally in combination with gas boilers, increased marginally. Finally, the analysis pointed out that in 2018 mechanical ventilation (and whole house extract ventilation in particular) was growing consistently over natural ventilation.


You can read the full article by Passive House Plus here