Heat Pumps helps to increase the energy efficiency of sport organisations

| Maltese Government launched a funding scheme to push sport organisations increasing their energy efficiency


The Energy and Water Agency, the entity that administers the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), together with SportMalta launched the ‘Leading sport organisations to higher energy efficiency’ scheme. The aim is to financially assist sport organisations in reducing their energy consumption by increasing their energy efficiency.


The expected result of each intervention should be an energy savings of at least 20%. Eligible costs include reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling systems, improvements in equipment efficiency, energy-related building envelope improvement, improvement of lighting efficiency, and any other similar action.


In particular, Article 3 Official indicate heat pumps as one of the systems to be used for this purpose:

Reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling systems. Eligible interventions include but are not limited to the replacement of electric water heaters with solar water heaters or air to water heat pumps, scrapping of old AC units with new models (the new model has to be of similar capacity/power unless it is proved that the existing equipment is underperforming due to capacity/power/size).  


The minimum eligible cost shall be Euro 250 excl. VAT and the maximum eligible cost shall be capped at Euro 50,000 excl. VAT. The grant shall cover 100% of the eligible cost in the case of investments up to Euro 20,000 excl. VAT and 90% of the eligible cost in the case of investments greater than Euro 20,000 excl. VAT and up to Euro 50,000 excl. VAT. Applications should be submitted before May 2019.