Heat Pump City of the Year Award 2020




EHPA is pleased to inform you that in the framework of our next strategy meeting, on the 17-18 of November 2020 (in Brussels – if conditions permit), we will celebrate the 10th edition of the Heat Pump City of the Year award.


To honor this special occasion, we invite you to check our brand new HPCY website, complete with a new visual identity, easily sortable data and a new application procedure, which allows you to submit your projects all year long. 


We are now looking forward to receiving your applications and award the four most innovative heat pump projects of the year. 


For this year we are keeping four awarding categories, as follow: 

- HPCY: dedicated to local HPs implementation, 

- DecarBuilding: dedicated to HP application in the tertiary and residential sectors,

- DecarbIndustry: HPs in industrial processes,

- Next Generation Heat Pump: the most innovative HP application.


Don’t miss this opportunity! Submityour heat pump project(s) via our platform, by clicking here

More information, important dates and procedure, here