Heat Pump City of the year 2020 - Award Ceremony I GEOTHERMAL ENERGY - Geoatlantic Project


17.10.2020  I 10:30-12:00 CET

The Heat Pump City of the Year (HPCY) Award is an EHPA project which recognises the most efficient, smart and sustainable Heat Pump project at local level.

The HPCY Award was launched in 2011 to highlight cities and regions that have put in place an energy-efficient project which takes advantage of Heat Pump technology.

The international appeal of the award has grown year after year and now attracts participants from all over Europe and beyond. With 110 participating cities from 27 countries.



10:30 Opening speech and #HPCY2020 Introduction by Thomas Nowak

10:40 Award and short Winner of the HPCY2020 category presentation

10:55 Award and short Winner of the DecarBuilding category presentation

11:10 Award and short Winner of DecarbIndustry category presentation

11:25 Award and short Winner of Next Generation Heat Pump category presentation

11:40 Q&A (for more questions on the winning projects, use the B2Match networking tool to book meetings with the presenters)

11:55 Closing remarks

12:00 End of session

12:00 – 14:00 Break




17.10.2020  I 14:00-15:30 CET

One of the objectives of the EU Energy Strategy is to move beyond an economy based on fossil fuels, with the directive on renewable energy proposing a binding target for the EU of at least 27% of its energy comes from renewable sources by 2030. Many of the changes that this transition involves will be noticed in cities and municipalities. An ecosystem for the promotion of the energy transition and geothermal energy in the local communities of the Atlantic Area is necessary: cooperation between actors; social awareness; consumer training; economic promotion; demonstrator effect.

In combination with technologies, renewable sources can supply the demand for heat and cold, which is half of the final energy demand in Europe, with more advances needed in energy production (focus on geothermal energy exploitation).



14:00 Opening Session of the GeoAtlantic project

14:20 Examples of work being carried out by partners (short 10 minute presentations)

15:10 Q&A (for more questions on the GeoAtlantic project, use the B2Match networking tool to book meetings with the consortium members)

15:25 Closing remarks

15:30 End of session

15:45 – 18:00 B2Match networking open