Heat from waste heat in machinery production

| Heat pump systems used in production facilities to re-use heat and provide heating in office complex

The list of machines used at Vorbach for the production of tools and moulds is impressive. More than 2900 moulds have been manufactured since the company was founded in 1953. Many of Vorbach's customers supply major automotive concerns, where the templates, which are manufactured to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, are used to produce millions of parts.

With the construction of a new production facility for plastic parts, Vorbach also looked to invest in a new energy system. A Viessmann heat pump, which uses waste heat from production machinery as its primary heat source, was the obvious choice. This heat, which is available virtually free of charge, heats the office complex. In addition, an external heat exchanger was installed, which acts as a heat source during spring and autumn. It is also used to dissipate surplus heat in summer.


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