GSHPA appointed new Chairman and Vice-Chairman

On the 17th October, the Ground Source Heat Pump Association announced that Bean Beanland has been elected to the position of Chairman of the Association, following a unanimous vote. During the same GSHPA’s Council meeting, Chris Davidson has also been elected as the new Vice-Chairman. The former chairman John Findlay will continue his work with the Association in an active role on Council.


Bean Beanland, who spent the last ten years in the industry as installer and consultant, said, “Heat pump technology has a very significant role to play in the decarbonisation of heat in the UK as the country works to meet its both legal and moral obligations in the mitigation of global warming. The recent IPCC report demonstrates starkly how vital is the displacement of fossil fuels for space heating. In addition, heat pumps contribute massively to the reduction in levels of NOx, SOx and particulates at the point-of-use. In the urban environment especially, the contribution that heat pumps can make to improving public health is now being recognised by the GLA and others. Our Association will accelerate efforts to drive up both quality standards and rates of deployment, and will work tirelessly to promote the benefits that ground-source can bring to all environmental services, including cooling, in both the domestic residential and commercial sectors, and across both new build and retrofit built environments.“


Chris Davidson, designers of GSHP systems via his consultancy GeniusEnergyLab, stated, “The GSHP industry in the UK now stands at a critical juncture with nothing short of a radical overhaul of the market place coming over the coming months and years. I very much look forward to continuing to contribute to the exciting work of the Association to the benefit of our membership and the environment beyond.”


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