GROUND-MED information meeting on heat pump use in the Mediterranean, Brussels, 26.10.2010

The GROUND-MED project consortium will present initial results on state-of-the-art heat pump research in a meeting in Brussels. 

GROUND-MED focusses on achieving a measured seasonal performance (SPF) higher than 5,0 in 8 exisiting demonstration buildings in the Mediterranean region. As the SPF is determined not only by the heat pump unit, but by its operating conditions imposed by both the ground heat exchanger and the heating/cooling system of the building, preparatory work is necessary to optimize each system design for the local conditions.

Project partners will present their initial findings on optimized:

  1. prototype water source heat pumps of improved seasonal efficiency; key technologies include the next generation of compressors, heat exchangers and automation;
  2. borehole heat exchangers and heating/cooling systems operating with minimum temperature difference between them, which also follows the heating/cooling demand from the building; design aspects, thermal storage and system controls are important;
  3. minimum power consumption to auxiliary system components; key parts are the fan-coil and air-handling units.

This components will later be installed in the demonstration sites and will be further evaluated.

To illustrate the interrelatedness of heat pump research, project presentations will be augmented by input from other HP related projects (Geotrainet, SEPEMO, Qualicert, Technology platform renewable heating and cooling). Sufficient room for discussion will also be available.

Please find attached the agenda and note that registration is necessary and can be done before 20.10.2010.

Should you have any further questions, please contact me or the project coordinator: Dimitrios Mendrinos <>