German UBA report showing the way to phase out f-gases

| The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) sees necessity for an international and legally binding regulation of fluorinated greenhouse gases. In a recently published report, the UBA outlines how to get there.

With the report “Fluorierte Treibhausgase vermeiden - Wege zum Ausstieg” (How to avoid f-gases: pathways to a phase-out), the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) intends to clarify the environmental and climate impact of f-gases, outline available alternatives and deliver a status report for decision makers on national, European and international level. The report, published in November 2010, is a revised version of the report “Fluorinated greenhouse gases in products and processes - technological measures for climate protection” published in 2004. New findings and developments over the last 7 years have been included in this basis of evaluation in the updated report which compares the technological state of the art of the use of f-gases with legislative as well as voluntary measures by the industry to reduce carbon emissions.

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