Europe’s renewable and systemic energy efficiency value chains

| A joint letter to the Cabinet of Charles Michel, President of the European Council.



On 8 October 2020,  a broad coalition representing Europe’s renewable and systemic energy efficiency value chains sent a joint letter to the Cabinet of Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

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This letter follows a meeting we had on 8 September with the Cabinet of Charles Michel. That meeting was the result ofan action initiated by EHPA to bring together a large coalition to call for an #EUGreenRecovery to restart Europe

In the meeting, the cabinet of Charles Michel was interested in additional input from EHPA and the other organisations, which resulted in this joint letter. 


The joint letter addresses 4 common messages and an annex with concrete suggestions from each association. These are the common messages:

  • The need to systematically apply the “energy efficiency first principle” as an essential enabler for decarbonisation, by reducing energy demand and costs associated with energy production, infrastructure and use.
  • The need to recognise “flexibility” as a core driver for the energy transition with dedicated measures to promote key elements such as efficient system management, energy storage, waste heat recovery and demand response technologies.
  • The need to actively facilitate customer choice towards the most cost-efficient technologies with the highest impact in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction, building on the huge potential of digitalisation with smart technologies and controls, and with measures aimed at creating a level playing field for all energy carriers.
  • The need to sustain European excellence in renewable energies and their efficient use by further paving the way for the ambitious deployment of all renewables, with measures aimed at making use of and future-proofing Europe’s energy infrastructure as well as unlocking investments into the deployment of new, innovative technologies.


Download the letter