European Heat Pump Summit 2011: “the heat pump mission is low or no emission”

The European Heat Pump Summit 2011 will be hold from 28–29 September in the Nürnberg exhibition centre. The international conference event offers the latest technical information and an exchange of views with the leading figures in the heat pump sector.

Triad of events on heat pumps:

9th Heat Pump Forum of the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e. V. | 27–28 September:

  • Policy and market development
  • PR and Marketing
  • Research and Quality Assurance
  • Framework Program
  • Status 2011
  • Best practice examples 

European Heat Pump Symposium | 28-29 September:

  • Use of renewable energy with heat pumps
  • Potential for heat pumps in various markets and applications
  • Components and product development
  • Experiences of heat pumps in operation from residential to industrial application
  • Individual systems and outlook on the future

The ZVKKW Symposium on Air-Air HPs for Commercial Property | 28 September pm:

  • Presentation of various systems
  • Application-specific solutions
  • Specific project descriptions
  • Technical solutions
  • Economic factors
  • Planning assembly operations

Honorary sponsors and supporters:

BWP, BIV, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, EHPA, EPEE, DKV, IEA-HPP, IZW, PtJ and ZVKKW

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