Europe to shoot for the moon!

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A European Green deal needs ambition on a level equivalent to the moon race. Strong words by President von der Leyen this afternoon. Words that find our full support. “We have always been in favor of  higher ambition, in particular when it comes to the decarbonization of heating and cooling in buildings and industry” said Thomas Nowak, Secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).  “Heat pump technologies are ready to provide a comfortable indoor climate, process heat and a reliable cold chain to all Europeans. To put action to words, the von der Leyen commission must now create a framework that encourages all actors in society to act as strongly as requested today. A revised energy taxation and in particular an energy price that tells the “climate truth” of the different fuels will be essential".

EHPA has been pushing for 20 years in Brussels and beyond for a smarter, integrated, more efficient and renewable-based energy system by 2050, especially in the heating and cooling sector where most actions can and need to be taken, using the technologies of today, such as the numerous heat-pump applications manufactured in Europe.