| Our sponsorship packages for 2020

On December 5th, Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy stated: "Sector integration will touch on transversal issues such as incentives, energy taxes and tariffs to make it work. It will build on direct electrification of these uses that can be efficiently electrified for instance electric vehicles and heat pumps!"

Next year is definitely a special one. We need to have a reality-check on the 2020 targets and most likely take on the responsibility of higher targets for 2050. Next year is a special one also because EHPA is turning XX in XXXX. Next year is the year when we need to capitalize even more on our efforts to position heat pumps as the key integrator solution of the energy system. 

We are committed to creating even more opportunities to build momentum and advance our market and industry development. Therefore, we have planned diverse activities to address relevant target groups:

  • DecarbCities - February 2020
  • Croatian and German Presidencies High-level policy events - first and second half of 2020
  • XX Heat Pump Forum - May 2020 
  • Thematic policy debates at the EU Parliament - throughout the year
  • Campaigns on Large Heat Pumps and Heat Pumps in renovation - throughout the year
  • Awareness raising memorable activities during EUSEW and other relevant events - ice cream, hot dogs and cold drinks 

We believe that the best way to make these initiatives possible is by working together. By taking an active role in our activities, we ensure you that your company will gain visibility in the "Brussels-circles" and more.   


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We hope you'll join us and make these events remarkable!

Should you have any specific requests for us to consider for the sponsorship options, do not hesitate to get in touch with Eirini on eirini.litina@ehpa.org