Electrification Alliance: Joint position on Fit for 55


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Clean and renewable electrification is the most cost-efficient way to decarbonise the European economy and is essential for reaching at least 55% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030. Clean and renewable electrification comes with major socio-economic benefits, in terms of jobs, health and system efficiency, and can put citizens at the heart of the energy transition.


These benefits should be fully exploited in the package while delivering on the spirit of the European Green Deal. The rate of electrification, however, is currently too slow. Current trends project electrification of the EU energy system to remain below 25% by 2030 – only marginally higher than today – while analysis suggests this needs to be well above 35% by 2030 and up to 60% or more by 20501 .


The Fit for 55% package provides the European Commission (EC) with a unique opportunity to put the right policies in place, aligning these with the EC Energy System Integration, Hydrogen and Industrial Strategies, putting Europe on track to reach the 2030 and 2050 climate and energy objectives. The package will only be fit for 55% if it is fit for electrification.


The Electrification Alliance suggests that the European Commission considers the following points:

  • Carbon pricing & energy taxation 
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy system efficiency 
  • Electrification of buildings
  • Electrification of road transport

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