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With an increase of 12% in 2018, the European heat pump market has reached double-digit growth for the fourth year in a row. To understand the reasons behind this positive trend, EHPA organised a webinar on the 24th of June. Our speakers, Thomas Nowak and Pascal Westring, presented the latest findings coming from the analysis of the 2018 market data of 21 European countries. In addition, Valerie Laplagne, from AFPAC, provided insights on France, the biggest market in the EU.


Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of EHPA, presented the last updates on the European heat pump market. Coming from 21 European countries, 2018 data shows a growing market for the 4th year in a row.  With 11.8 million units installed across Europe, heat pump technology has quickly developed into a cornerstone of Europe's heat supply. Heat pumps are heating slightly less than 10% of all buildings, but there is still a vast untapped potential to be unleashed.


''The European Heat Pump market is growing by more than 1.3 million units per year. Still, a long way to go until 50% of all heating units will be heat pumps - an essential prerequisite for a decarbonised Europe!''



Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of EHPA


Following, Valerie Laplagne, Vice-president of AFPAC, explained how France has become the biggest heat pump market in Europe, with a turnover: 3,1 billion euros and 24.000 local jobs created. Valerie also presented the new subsidies' scheme for replacing old boilers with renewable systems, launched in 2019. Thanks to the foreseen increase of the renovations' rate, the French heat pump market is expected to grow by +50% in 2019.


''The French market, already first in Europe, is ready for takeoff. The market is expected to grow by +50% in 2019 thanks to the increasing rate of buildings' renovations.''



Valerie Laplagne, Vice-president of AFPAC


Finally, Pascal Westring, Vocal Data, presented the Online Stats Tool and how to use it. He explained how to extract market data and create related statistics and graphics easily. 



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We are glad to share with you the material of the webinar:

EHPA market report and statistics outlook 2019
  by Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of EHPA

How France has become the biggest heat pump market in Europe
  by Valerie Laplagne, Vice-president of AFPAC

- Stats Tool: How to use it
by Pascal Westring, Vocal Data


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