EHPA's reaction to outcome of trilogues on REDII and EED

Thomas Nowak, Secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association commented on the outcomes of the discussions on the REDII and EED: 

The provisions on heating and cooling in REDII are a step towards a 100% decarbonised heating and cooling sector in 2050 but the ambition level could be higher. It is now important to connect the use of renewables with energy efficiency. The absence of a parallel deal on the EED is of great concern, as in particular the re-setting of the primary energy factor for electricity (PEF) will accelerate the introduction of efficient electrification technologies in heating. A value of 2.0. would be a strong message to the market: it recognised that electricity generation is greening fast and incentivises the use of efficient electrification via e.g. heat pump technologies. In the remaining discussions on the Clean energy package and in the preparatory work on the EU 2050 Energy Strategy, it is crucial that heating and cooling becomes the top priority.

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