EHPA to participate in different events at European Sustainable Energy Week

| The European Commission's initiative will include sessions on the future of heating and cooling and renewable energy

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) is co-organising different events in the context of the European Sustainable Energy Week(EUSEW) taking place on 19-25 June in Brussels.

CoolingEU Launch Event: 19th June, 14.00 - 17.30, Fundation Galicia Europa  

EHPA is participating in the organisation of the CoolingEU Launch Event (Cooling: A Sleeping Giant? Paving the way for a sustainable future).

Cooling is an integral factor in our energy system. Cooling is needed in a large variety of sectors and industries, not just in buildings but in the food chain, in manufacturing industries, for data centres and many more.

Demand is set to grow even further. Without a substantial leap in attention, an increase in research efforts, a nurturing environment for sustainable solutions and strengthened cooperation of all involved, the impact on the climate and the energy system is unpredictable.

The coolingEU organisers are: Dearman ECSLA,  ECTPEuroheat & PowerEPEEESTEPFreshfelSEDC and Transfrigoroute international.

Come and join us for our official launch event on 19 June at Fundación Galicia Europa (Rue de la Loi, 38) from 14.00 to 17.30h.

You can see all details and register here.

Primary energy factor (PEF): from technical to strategic aspects. 19th June, 11-14h, Press Club Brussels Europe

This workshop, organised by GRDF, will aim to raise awareness of the impact of the primary energy factor (PEF) on various sectors and improve understanding of a subject commonly considered as “technical”. This event will also elaborate on the use of the PEF in the context of the Energy Eficiency Directive, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and Ecodesign and Labelling Regulations.

A panel session will give the floor to representatives of the district heating and cooling industry, gas industry, renewable heating and cooling industry, cogeneration industry, energy efficiency services, and home appliance industry, among others.

You can see the details and register here.

Flexible energy markets. New players, new rules. 21th June, 14-15.30h, Résidence Palace Brussels

The Clean Energy Package represents a crucial momentum for setting the right framework for a clean energy system empowering consumers. An efficient energy transition will require a switch towards increased flexibility. The revision of the Electricity regulation, Electricity directive, and Governance regulation will be key to enable innovative solutions.

This policy debate, organised by the European platform for the participation of demand-side flexibility resoures (IDEAS), brings together energy associations, service providers, industrial players and decision makers to confront concrete ideas on the new electricity market rules required to see the emergence of disruptive players and make the best use of innovative and distributed flexibility options.

You can register here.

Innovation in the renewable heating and cooling sector. 21st June, 16-17.30h, Résidence Palace

This event is organised by the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling and will present several innovations in the area of renewable heating and cooling, with a specific focus to some technology areas like biomass, district heating and cooling, geothermal, heat pumps or solar thermal.

You can check all the info and the speakers here.