EHPA position paper on the EPBD Roadmap

Buildings account for 40% of energy use in the EU, and heating and cooling is responsible for around 50-80% of that energy consumption. Three quarters of heating and cooling in buildings is still supplied from fossil fuels. The EU building stock should be carbon-neutral by 2050. The Renovation Wave initiative aims to address the current low renovation rates across the EU and accelerate the transformation of the EU building stock into a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050.1

The revision of the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is an important opportunity to increase the ambition for decarbonising the building stock with efficient and renewable heating and cooling solutions such as heat pumps in buildings.

EHPA proposes in this position paper:

  1. Specific measures to increase the ambition for heat pump deployment in the EPBD 
  2. Measures to align the approach on heating and cooling with other legislative initiatives 


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