EHPA is turning 20 in 2020! Let’s celebrate together at the XX Heat Pump Forum - Early bird registrations are now open

| This year we are celebrating not only the XX anniversary, but also the beginning of a new paradigm.



XX Heat Pump Forum
27th & 28th May 2020

At Event Lounge, Brussels

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For years we have proven Heat Pump technologies’ potential as the key enabler for a future renewable, sustainable and smart energy system. For years we have believed that the way to accomplish the energy transition is by working as a community to fulfil our goals. For years our ambition has guided us to achieve the unachievable, to reach what twenty years ago seemed a dream of the future. For years we have thought that it would take years to encounter that future… but when we look back to our 20-year path, we realize that our today is the future we strived for.

Our 20 years of past are proof that we can change our future, but only if we keep working together on our present. Our future starts now. Now is the right time to broaden our horizons, the right time to make a real change based on what the future needs.

For years we have believed the EU to be the global leader to guide that change. In December the New European Commission took the first step by ambitiously demonstrating their determination to respond to climate urgencies. We support their ambitious decision by committing to work together, in each step of the product journey and market development, as we have done for the last twenty years.

This year we are not only celebrating our XX anniversary, but also the XX anniversary of our silent pact to build a sustainable future. For us, XX is more than a number; it is a declaration of intentions, the beginning of a new paradigm in which the main focus is on transforming people and society in such way that they are able to cope with upcoming challenges and change.

The XX forum therefore aims to be an event to defy our present by setting ourselves on tomorrow’s mentality. It is a convention in which different industries, perspectives and actors gather around to exchange different visions, knowledge and expertise to expand the role of the Heat Pump Technologies in our society within the context of the European Climate Pact. The forum intends to offer an experience to explore the sector opportunities from a holistic approach to exceed our commitment to reach a fully decarbonized Europe before 2050. It has set its sight to be the perfect gathering to get inspired and to inspire others, but above all, to foster together the ideas that will drive a change.

Let’s celebrate our XX anniversary by becoming game-changers! Let’s make our 20-year-old silent pact a loud one!

Let yourself get inspired for the future, get ready for sharing your ideas and expanding your horizons. More details about the agenda coming soon!


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Celebrate with us on 27. and 28.5.2020 at Event Lounge, Brussels. 

Address: Boulevard Général Wahis 16/F, 1030 Schaerbeek



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