EHPA award "Heat pump city of the year"

| Europe's climate protection and energy savings targets are demanding. It requires immediate action on all political levels to achieve meaningful results by 2020 already. Heat pumps are an available, reliable, efficient and cost effective solution in this quest. Unfortunately the technology is often very well hidden in basements and technic-rooms of buildings.

The European Heat Pump Association has taken this as a challenge and decided to inaugurate a new award: "The heat pump city of the year". The trophy will be given to that very city that has shown the biggest effort in integrating heat pumps into its energy infrastructure (measured as additional heat pump installations per 10 000 inhabitants). The winner will be selected by an expert jury from the heat pump industry and from European cities' representation and presented at a workshop taking place on 14 April 2011 in the European Commission, in Brussels.

Venue: European Commission, Charlemagne Building

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